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Air heat pump discharge water

Girasol has just undergone a major facade renovation. It is very important and the apartment owner’s responsibility to direct the condensate from the air source heat pumps correctly. WATER SHOULD NOT BE DIRECTED INTO FLOWER POTS because the structures will break and cause moisture damage to the apartments. If the water control has not been done properly, the insurance company will not compensate for the damage caused. Make sure that the tenants also take care of draining the condensate.


The renovation of block F has started

September has changed and now the renovation of the facade of the F building also began. After this, the E, A, B, C and D houses are in the renovation turn. The H house is made during the scaffolding transition period.


Facade renovation continues

The facade renovation of part G has now been completed. Before proceeding with the next block, the board also looked at a competing offer, which was significantly more expensive. Consequently, a unanimous decision was made to continue with the current contractor, whose work has been good in all respects, and the costs can be kept as agreed, i.e. covered by an additional annual fee. Next, the renovation will proceed to the F building and from there to the A, B, C and D buildings. The H house is made during the scaffolding transition period. More detailed schedule will be announced as soon as it is known.


Pool supervisor

A pool supervisor has been hired for the pool until on September 10., being there in the more crowed evening time. In the future, a pool supervisor will be there during the summer season. Nice swimming moments!


Facade renovation begins

Renovation work on the exterior of the property will begin on the G-block during June 2022. If necessary, please contact Hannu Karttunen puh +358500206336.


The locks on the gate have been changed

The gate locks have been changed and the keys are available during property management hours on Thursdays or at other seperately agreed times.

Raimo Röyttä, varapuheenjohtaja / vice-president G18
Puh.+358 503 868 650

Hannu Karttunen, puheenjohtaja / president H4
Puh. +358 500 206 336


Annual General Meeting will be held on March 26…

Girasol’s Annual General Meeting will be held on March 26, 2022 at 10:00 in Suomela.
Registration starts at 9:00.

Hybrid meeting – you can participate on-site or remotely.
Participants in the remote meeting can register by e-mail at
A link to Teams meeting will be sent later.

General questions will only be accepted via email.


Force majeure: If the connections fail then the administration has a discharge in the matter

Hannu Karttunen Chairman