Difficult situations and emergency

Difficult situations and emergency

Unexpected situations and how to avoid problems

If you lose the key: Call the locksmith = "Cerrajero" tel: +34 952 311 203 or +34 670 393 055. 

Water leaks: If there is a leak in your flat, first always shut off the main stopcock. This is located just outside the property. Contact the receptionist. Call your insurance company at once.  Normally, they will send a plumber.

Fire: Call the fire brigade, Tel. 080. On every staircase, there is a fire extinguisher available for first aid.

Mugging/theft: Call the police, Tel. 091 o 092. Contact your insurance company and always make a report at the police station.

Repairs: Your home may be compared to a Finnish family house. The repairs in your home are your responsibility, with a few exceptions. (see table of responsibilities).

Insurances: Every home must have its’ own insurance. The community insurance will not cover damage caused by water, electricity etc.

Make an arrangement with your neighbours: If possible, arrange with a neighbour to receive rapid assistance in an unexpected situation.

Emergency numbers and other important telephone numbers

Electrical faults +34 654 801 815 (Mikola)


Elevator faults +34 902 313 335 (Kone)
Internet problems Avatel +34 910 800 910
Manager CM Asesores / Heikki Tuisku

+34 661 036 913

email: cpgirasol@cmeconomistas.es

Suomen konsulaatti Málaga +34 952 212 435 (ma-pe klo 10-13)


Janitor Nooa Martin, +34 608 617 605.

Janitor is on the premises from 9 to 12 on weekdays.

Taxi Fuengirola +34 952 471 000