Evacuation plan

Evacuation plan

Evacuation plan

The rescue plan is a document that defines the operating procedures to prevent and manage the risks in case of emergency in relation to people and objects, as well as countermeasures Girasol responsibility. Rescue plan to help identify and assess the risks and the necessary action to prevent them, as well as managing the event of an emergency. The plan must include the following documentation:

The plan must include the following documentation:1. The shareholders identification and location of the operation.

1.1 Postal address. The designation, name or mark of the operation. Telephone and fax.

1.2 Operational target persons. Name and / or business. The mailing address, telephone number and fax machines.

1.3 Name of the rescue plan and the corresponding action plan hätätoiminnnan similar name, as well as addresses and phone numbers, and fax machines.

2. The description of the activity and the physical environment in which to work.

2.1 A description of all the functions containing a plan

2.2 Description of the area, the region's underground activities and installations in the area.

2.3 The description and classification of users

2.4 The description of the environment where any buildings, facilities and the area in which the plan is implemented.

2.5 Description of access routes and accessibility of external assistance

This section will be developed on the basis of written material and attached to the device for at least the following graphic documents:

Area floor plan, including the immediate environment in such a way that the documentation is displayed access routes, communication networks, and the like.